OnePlus 9 is in the works, codename revealed

The OnePlus 8T just got out so it’s time to look forward to OnePlus 9, which is supposed to come around sometime in the beginning of next year. There’s no doubt that the company is working on the successor but thanks to a reliable leakster, who is pretty accurate when it comes to OnePlus stuff, we now know what to look for.

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In a short tweet, Max J. revealed that the OnePlus 9 is codenamed “Lemonade”. Actually, this codename has been thrown around lately but it’s only now that we get some solid (sort of) confirmation about what exactly Lemonade means to OnePlus.

Unfortunately, there are no other details surrounding OnePlus’ future phone so all we have to do now is keep an eye for any leaks involving the keyword.

Source: Gsmarena


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