New Samsung Pay Card will aggregate all your cards, offer compatibility with more UK banks

New Samsung Pay Card will aggregate all your cards, offer compatibility with more UK banks
Samsung has teamed up with over-the-top banking platform Curve and Mastercard to launch the Samsung Pay Card. The payment solution will enable customers to sync their loyalty and bank cards in one place. 
Curve is a London based fintech that offers a payment card by the same name which aggregates various bank cards into a single card and app. Transactions are processed through the MasterCard network and users can also change the bank card they paid with after a transaction is completed. 

Samsung Pay Card is a physical debit card 

The Samsung Pay Card will operate on a similar principle, giving users a simple way to manage their spending through their Samsung phones. All expenditures will be laid out in a single view, which means users will not have to track transactions separately on different accounts. And, of course, they will also be able to make payments using the card.
Samsung Pay Card is coming to the UK later this year and the company promises that it will provide a true digital wallet experience. 
Back in 2015, Samsung launched its mobile payment and digital wallet service called Samsung Pay. The platform is baked into Galaxy devices and to use it, the Samsung Pay app must be installed. Samsung Pay Card will basically bring greater flexibility to Samsung Pay customers.
In the UK, Samsung Pay is compatible with only a few banks and services and that’s where Curve comes in. It works with most MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. 
As TechCrunch points out, having Curve as a partner means Samsung no longer has to worry about creating direct banking relationships. Support for a wider range of banks can help Samsung attract more users and catch up with Apple Pay.

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