New Samsung Galaxy Note20+ case confirms design rumors

The Galaxy Note20 duo has already seen its fair share of leaks for the past few months and we already have a pretty good idea of what they will look like. Now Ice Universe has shared another case, which reconfirms the design and gives us a few more details about the functional elements’ location.

Alleged Galaxy Note20+ case
Alleged Galaxy Note20+ case
Alleged Galaxy Note20+ case

Alleged Galaxy Note20+ case

The images show a case for the still unreleased Galaxy Note20+ with five holes. This isn’t new, however, as we already know that the phone will feature three cameras leaving the other two cutouts for the 3D ToF sensor and the LED flash.

More shots of the case
More shots of the case

More shots of the case

What’s more, a close-up shot of the bottom side of the case reveals four holes – nothing unusual given that there’s one for the mic, one for the connector, one for the loudspeaker and one for the S Pen.

The main change over previous Note phones is that the S Pen slot has been moved to the left. This might be either due to the volume rocker and power button positioning or the internal design of the phone.

In our Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ reviews, we’ve expressed our disappointment with the button positioning and suspected that the S Pen might be the culprit. This might actually turn out to be true. So for the sake of the button placement, the S Pen change is more than welcomed.

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