Netflix now lets you watch some of its original content without an account

You can now watch some of Netflix’s most popular content without an account. Previously, you could sign up for a free trial, but this is an even easier way to test out the streaming platform.

You can watch fan-favorite Stranger Things, the meme-inspiring Bird Box and more – we’ve listed of all TV shows and movies below. Note that only the first episode of the TV shows is available, so if you find one you like, you’ll have to make an account to watch the rest (movies are available in full, though).

Netflix now lets you watch some of its original content without an account

Visit this page on Netflix using a desktop browser or the browser on your Android phone (iOS is not supported for some reason). Also, you can’t use the Netflix app on your phone or smart TV, it has to be through the browser.

That’s not ideal as the video is coming in low resolution and there’s no way to change it. Having a 4K stream available without an account would have been a great way to test if your Internet connection can handle it.

Source: Gsmarena

  • TV shows

    • Stranger Things
    • Elite
    • Boss Baby
    • When They See Us
    • Love is Blind
    • Our Planet
    • Grace and Frankie
  • Movies

    • Murder Mystery
    • Bird Box
    • The Two Popes


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