Motorola Razr 5G coming this fall to T-Mobile; watch the carrier’s unboxing

Motorola Razr 5G coming this fall to T-Mobile; watch the carrier's unboxing
When Motorola launched the new smartphone version of its Razr flip phone earlier this year, many buyers had a nostalgic moment. After all, the original Motorola Razr v3 was the most popular flip phone ever made and everyone just had to have one. Today, Motorola took the smartphone version of the Razr to the next level by introducing the Razr 5G. And instead of being a Verizon exclusive, which did limit sales of the flipper in the U.S., the new Razr 5G will be sold unlocked from various retailers including Amazon, B&H Photo, and Best Buy. And both T-Mobile and AT&T will have the device available as well.

T-Mobile this afternoon announced that it will have the Motorola Razr 5G available with support for both its 600MHz low-band 5G signals and the 2.5GHz mid-band signals that it acquired from Sprint. The nation’s second-largest carrier has a 5G footprint that covers over 250 million people across 1.3 million square miles. If that is hard to envision, consider this: T-Mobile’s 5G coverage is larger than the 5G coverage offered by AT&T and Verizon combined. And T-Mobile”s mid-band 5G data speeds are running at about 300Mbps with peak speeds at 1Gbps. That is 7.5 times faster than the carrier’s average LTE data speeds.

The Motorola Razr 5G will be available from T-Mobile in Polished Graphite and Blush Gold. The device flips open to a 6.2-inch pOLED display with a resolution of 876 x 2142. The battery has received a bump to 2800mAh from 2510mAh and there is a 15W Turbo charger in the box for quick charging. The chipset has been upgraded from the original model’s Snapdragon 710 to the Razr 5G’s Snapdragon 765G Mobile Platform. The flipper features 8GB of memory along with 256GB of storage; the phone carries a 48MP main camera and a 20MP front camera.
Where Motorola has continued to work on the phone is with the 2.7-inch Quick View external display with a 600 x 800 resolution. The latter now comes with a QWERTY keyboard that can be used along with Smart Reply to quickly respond to texts and messages even when the device is closed. Apps such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora will work with Quick View. The phone has been tested and can handle over 200,000 flips which should take five years of daily flips to reach.
T-Mobile hasn’t stated when the Razr 5G will be available outside of saying to expect the device to launch this fall. It will be priced at $1,399.99. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the wireless provider offer some special deals for the flipper once it is ready to ship.

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