Microsoft’s OneDrive updated with several new features for iOS 13 and 14 users

Microsoft's OneDrive updated with several new features for iOS 13 and 14 users

The last time OneDrive for iOS was updated, the app received a couple of new features specifically designed for iOS 14. This time Microsoft is rolling out a slew of new features aimed at both iOS 13 and 14 users.

First off, we have a brand new OneDrive widget available only for iOS 14 users. Then, there’s a new Home tab that should make it easier for OneDrive users to pick up where they left off. The new Home tab features a user’s Recent view for easy access to files, as well as an Offline Files section that lets you access and manage files already downloaded for offline access. The new Home tab is available now for all iOS users.

Microsoft also revealed that OneDrive personal users will get On This Day featured at the top of the new Home tab. Finally, the update makes it easier for users of OneDrive at work or school to get their Shared Libraries from the Home tab.

Besides the new features related to the Home tab, Microsoft made two improvements to OneDrive for iOS. Firstly, it fixed an issue with an unexpected dialog showing up when users would tap the widget to sign into a personal account. Secondly, it improved the widget to make it look even better.

The new OneDrive for iOS 12.0.2 is already available for download via the App Store, so you might want to update your app to benefit from all these nifty improvements.

Source: Phonearena


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