Microsoft adds new Play My Email feature to Outlook on Android

Microsoft adds new Play My Email feature to Outlook on Android

Time is the most precious commodity these days. As more people are doing multiple tasks at the same time to try to gain some time, service providers have been trying to offer us solutions that would make multitasking smoother.

Using artificial intelligence to execute various tasks or narrate texts is one of the important aspects that make multi-tasking easy to achieve. The most important mobile apps already offer users the option to interact with them via voice. Microsoft’s Outlook app was lacking such a feature until recently, but if you’re using an Android phone as your daily driver, you’ll be pleased to know that the issue has been addressed.

Microsoft announced earlier today that it’s adding Play My Emails to Outlook on Android devices. As the name suggests, Play My Emails allows the app to read your new emails as you receive them on your smartphone.

On top of that, the feature can also read our upcoming events and lets you reply quickly using just your voice. The bad part is that Play My Emails is only available for eligible accounts in English in the United States. Regardless of that, we believe that’s a first step towards the new normal.

Source: Phonearena


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