Messages in iOS 14 gets mentions in group chats, pinned conversations

Messages in iOS 14 gets mentions in group chats, pinned conversations
As expected, Apple announced the brand new iOS 14 during WWDC, and its an update worthy of excitement. Along with the numerous enhancements to iOS widgets, Apple Maps, and app management, Apple’s latest mobile OS will bring a bunch of new features to Messages: pinned conversations, more variety to Memoji, and an improved group chat experience.   

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Pinned conversations

By default, the Messages app in iOS is designed to put the focus on your most recent texts. However, we all have our favorite contacts, and many of us are in at least one group chat, be it with our friends or colleagues.

Messages in iOS 14 will let you pin conversations so that they always appear on top of your list. To pin a conversation, you swipe to the right and tap the pin. Naturally, you can pin both personal chats and group conversations. With group chats, next to the pin you’ll see the icon for the person who’s commented most recently.

Improved group chats

Speaking of group chats, they’ve spiked in popularity over the past few months, which is why these new messaging features are more than welcome. First of all, you’ll be able to reply to specific messages in a group chat. You’ll also be able to view these responses in a separate, clean-looking thread. 
Mentioning a specific person in the group chat is also coming to Messages. Just type the first few letters of someone’s name, and a suggestion to direct the message will pop up. You will have the option to be notified of new messages in a group chat only when you’re mentioned. 

New personalization options for Memoji

Have you ever wanted to add a face mask to your Memoji? This is just one of the many new customization options coming to Apple’s avatars with iOS 14. The new software will introduce a variety of hair styles and hats to let you better express your hobby, profession, or personality. Among the styles shown were a bicycle and a fireman’s helmet, along with a ranger’s and a chef’s hat. 
Memoji are also getting more age options and three new stickers: hug, fistbump, and blush.

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