Marshall releases a brand new Bluetooth speaker, its cheapest yet

Marshall releases a brand new Bluetooth speaker, its cheapest yet

Marshall is one of the most popular brands in the music industry. If you’ve ever seen a rock concert, you couldn’t have missed the massive speakers with the iconic Marshall logo on stage.

Unlike some traditionalist companies that are slow to embrace change, Marshall has successfully branched out to satisfy the needs of the modern-day audiophile. Which these days means streaming music from your phone, often to a Bluetooth speaker.

Marshall already has a very extensive lineup of Bluetooth speakers and now it’s adding another member to it. The new Marshall Emberton is improving on two important aspects that were often keeping users away from the brand: price and portability.

Now, Marshall had a few portable speakers already, but even the smallest of the bunch, the Stockwell II, wasn’t small enough to casually slip into your bag and carry around. Although still on the bulky side, the Emberton is significantly smaller and weighs only around 1.5 pounds.

Don’t worry, though, there’ve been no sacrifices when it comes to design. The Emberton still has the Marshall logo and a metal mesh at the front, giving it that signature look fans of the brand will be looking for.

When it comes to sound, the Emberton won’t disappoint you. It offers full and rich 360-degree sound thanks to the mesh on the back, and you better believe it’s loud.

Marshall has made the Emberton to follow you everywhere, no matter the conditions. It has an IPX7 rating, which means even if it takes a dip in your pool, it’s not an issue. The battery life is quite good as well, rated for over 20 hours of playback and it supports quick charge via USB Type-C, giving you 5 hours of music after just 20 minutes of charging. That’s not a feature you see on many speakers.

One feature you do see on many speakers, but the Emberton lacks, is the ability to make calls through it. There’s no microphone on it, which also means no voice assistant support. Is that a big deal? Depends on the type of user you are, but we don’t consider it a major loss.

Now for the price. The Marshall Emberton costs $150, which is $20 below the price of the Stockwell II, making it the cheapest Marshall Bluetooth speaker so far. And while that’s still far from cheap, Marshall is a premium brand and $150 is still less than a pair of AirPods.

Overall, the Emberton is a great addition to Marshall’s range of Bluetooth speakers and will likely become its best selling one.

Source: Phonearena


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