Lenovo’s Smart Clock with Google Assistant is half off at Best Buy

Lenovo's Smart Clock with Google Assistant is half off at Best Buy

Lenovo’s is a new player in the smart devices business, but that doesn’t mean its products aren’t competitive enough, on the contrary. Lenovo’s smart devices are among the cheapest in the US. Obviously, you can find even cheaper smart devices, but if you want some quality to go with the cheap price, then you should definitely not go lower than Lenovo.

You can get a Lenovo Smart Clock for less than $100, but Best Buy is making it even easier to choose this specific smart device. For a limited time, the US retailer offers a huge 50% discount on the Lenovo Smart Clock, which means anyone can get it for just $40.

The Smart Clock features a small 4-inch IPS display and Google Assistant support. It lets you charge your smartphone or tablet via the USB port, but you can also control a wide range of smart devices that work with Google Assistant.

The basic features of an alarm clock are there as well, it’s just that the smart clock offers hundreds of audio and media alarm options. You can even set up a so-called morning routine to learn about local traffic, news, weather, and sports each day automatically. The deal is available via the link below in case you’re considering a Lenovo Smart Clock.

Check out the deal here

Source: Phonearena


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