It’s official: T-Mobile has just sold Sprint’s prepaid business to Dish

It's official: T-Mobile has just sold Sprint's prepaid business to Dish

It looks like the T-Mobile / Dish saga is finally over. The Un-carrier announced today that it has closed the deal with Dish for the sale of Sprint’s prepaid business, Boost Mobile. The date of the deal was revealed less than two weeks thanks to an SEC filing made by Dish and dated June 17.

As some of you probably know by now, Boost Mobile’s sale to Dish was one of DOJ (Department of Justice) and FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) main requirements as part of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger process.

Dish paid approximately $1.4 billion for Sprint’s prepaid business, although the amount is subject to a customary post-closing working capital adjustment, T-Mobile said in the official statement. On the bright sight, Dish now has 9.3 million more customers thanks to the purchase of Boost Mobile.

It’s important to note that all Boost Mobile and Dish wireless customers will have access to the new T-Mobile network via MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and infrastructure MNO (mobile network operator) arrangements that enable the use of roaming in certain areas until Dish’s 5G network goes live.

The deal includes some other agreements, including a spectrum purchase agreement between Dish, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It’s yet unclear if Dish will keep Boost Mobile’s brand identity or the prepaid business will be rebranded after the acquisition.

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