Is this how the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would look like?

Is this how the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would look like?
Now that we are inching closer to the rumored Galaxy Fold 2 launch date, leaked images should start surfacing. However, the phone hasn’t been spotted in flesh yet and for now, we will have to do with renders that have shown up online. The latest one comes from Twitter user @blossomcy1201, as spotted by Sammobile first.
The renders only show what the cover display and back of the Galaxy Fold 2 might look like. 
The original Galaxy Fold featured three rear cameras, aligned vertically. The Fold 2 is also expected to have three cameras, albeit with higher resolution. It will likely have a time-of-flight sensor too and all of these modules would probably be housed in a square bump, à la the Galaxy S20 Plus. 
The Galaxy Fold’s outer display came in at 4.6-inches and it was surrounded by massive bezels. This year, the cover display is expected to measure 6.23-inches. In the renders, it looks pretty good, with thin bezels and a centered punch hold. Per a patent, the bezels wouldn’t be trimmed that much. Infographics published by a Korean outlet points towards the same.
What’s a little puzzling about the infographics is that they show a phone with both a chunky bezel and a pinhole display, which doesn’t make sense. 
Unlike the main screen, which is tipped to have a refresh rate of 120Hz, the outer display will likely stick with 60Hz.

Cheaper versions of Galaxy Fold might get released too

Per a recent report, even the UTG-reinforced screen is not sturdy enough to withstand a stylus. As a result, Samsung has reportedly decided against adding S Pen support to its upcoming bendable phone.
This could be a potential deal-breaker for some and tip their decision in favor of the Galaxy Note 20 or a competing device. Let’s not forget bendable displays is still a new technology, and it would take some time before it’s at par with conventional screens in terms of durability. The wait likely won’t be long, as Corning’s bendable Gorilla Glass will probably be ready by next year. 
Apart from a better camera system and a larger outer screen, the Galaxy Fold is also expected to have a bigger battery than its predecessor. The phone is apparently arriving on June 5 with a comparatively less bloated price tag.

Source: Phonearena


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