iPhones with 1TB storage in the works, according to latest leak

iPhones with 1TB storage in the works, according to latest leak

Feeling squeezed in that 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max of yours? Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, to be honest, and 512GB is still plenty, but the latest leak from controversial leaker Jon Prosser suggests that Apple might double that number and offer iPhone buyers a 1TB storage option.

Prosser teased a possible 1TB iPhone in a short tweet on Wednesday.


The message fails to mention which models will get this storage option but it’s safe to assume that Prosser is talking about the next generation of Apple devices – the iPhone 13 series. While we’re still waiting for those sweet iPhone 12 Pro Max pre-orders to start (November 6th), the top storage option for that model is capped at 512GB, just like the previous generation.

Apple started offering the 512GB storage option with the iPhone XS and XS Max, and it’s been three years since. History shows that the guys from Cupertino tend to double the top storage option for the iPhone series once every two years. With these (kinda wobbly) statistics in mind, it seems like we’re running late on the next storage expansion. Is it possible to get the 1TB option on an iPhone 12 Pro Max model later on? A tough question indeed.

If we take a look at Samsung, we’ll see that the Korean manufacturer and Apple’s biggest competitor offered a 1TB option for the Galaxy S10+ back in February 2019. Since then the company has reverted to 512GB as a top storage option for its S20 and Note 20 lines. The reason behind this step back might be that Samsung phones sport an SD card slot, which can expand the built-in storage capacity with up to 1TB. Apple, on the other hand, stubbornly refuses to add such a feature in the iPhone line so a 1TB internal storage makes more sense.

Source: Phonearena


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