iPadOS 14 brings keyboard and mouse support for games

iPadOS 14 brings keyboard and mouse support for games

iOS 14 might be one of the biggest releases to happen to the platform in a very long while: from widgets and an app drawer (who would have believed!), to the ability to set a default browser different than Safari, this is the most open iOS has been since its inception.

In this beautiful line of opening up, Apple is also adding support for keyboard, mouse and trackpad for gaming on iPadOS. In a developer session scheduled for June 25th, developers will get the opportunity to learn how to use these new functions to augment existing titles, transplant games from other platforms, or come up with brand new experiences.

Does this mean that the iPad will now turn into a tool that professional gamers can use to play CS? Well, maybe at some point in the future, but right now, this is a welcome improvement for gamers who value the portability of a tablet. And considering the newly announced ARM-powered Macs that will run iOS apps effortlessly, developers will have even more incentive to develop great iOS games.
For this and a lot more of the new iOS 14 features, go here. iOS 14 will also make the new AirPods work better across the whole Apple ecosystem. And if you are wondering about the iOS 14 release date and all compatible devices, we have got you covered as well.

Source: Phonearena


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