Huawei 135W charger certified in China

In 2020 we saw the first phones to surpass the 100W charging threshold and it’s only natural that the trend will accelerate in 2021. A new certification on China’s 3C Agency reveals a 135W Huawei charger is in the works bearing the HW-200675CP0 model number.

Huawei 135W charger certification

Huawei 135W charger certification

We can see the unit supports charging at 5V/3A all the way up to 20V/6.75A equating to the mind-boggling 135W rate. Huawei’s current top offering is the Huawei SuperCharge which does 66W charging so this new addition will catch the brand up to speed with the likes of Xiaomi and iQOO who already have phones that ship with 120W chargers in the box.

Based on early speculations we could see the debut of the new 135W charger alongside Huawei’s upcoming P50 lineup.

Source: Gsmarena


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