Here is why the OnePlus Nord is not coming to the US

Here is why the OnePlus Nord is not coming to the US
We already know that the OnePlus Nord will not be released in the US and the company’s co-founder Carl Pei recently revealed the reason behind this decision in an interview with Android Authority.
Pei believes that since the company is doing well in India already and growing rapidly in Europe, it makes sense to focus on those markets for now. He is quite confident that the affordably priced handset will be a hit in these regions and that’s why the vendor is concentrating all its efforts there.
Now, Nord is not just a phone but a whole line and while the first phone in the series is not coming to North America, Pei assures fans that later iterations will be released in the US as well. For now, OnePlus is thinking about a smaller beta program in the US.

Q1 2020 data suggests the timing couldn’t have been better for OnePlus Nord US launch

According to analytics firm Canalys, the $300 to $500 tier made up 10 percent of smartphone sales in the US in Q1 2020. The $200 to $600 tier actually witnessed a 4 percent year-on-year decline. Based on these figures, it seems that entry-level handsets and flagships do better than midrangers in the US and that’s presumably the reason why the OnePlus Nord, which will be in the sub $500 range, will not be sold in the country. 

However, the economic landscape has changed in the country in recent times and reports claim that many consumers are either thinking about forgoing smartphone purchases this year or not upgrading to a premium phone at least due to financial constraints. 

There is already an indication that consumers are increasingly gravitating towards affordable phones in the US. For instance, in Q1 2020, the A-series was the primary sales driver for Samsung in the US, and the A10e and A20 were one of the best selling devices.

OnePlus is growing in the US

Counterpoint Research’s data shows that OnePlus was the only smartphone manufacturer that managed to grow its market share in the first quarter in the US, thanks to its competitively priced 5G phones. Others, including Apple, Samsung, and Google, saw their shipments go down. 
So, it’s evident that this year, consumers in the US are cutting their budgets because of the pandemic and OnePlus Nord might be missing an opportunity here. At the same time, the company might not receive a roaring response in India this time around, given it hails from China. Following a recent deadly clash, things are sour between the two countries, and analysts believe this poses a threat to Chinese vendors. India has already banned 59 Chinese apps. 
The phone will likely be unveiled in India on July 10. So far, OnePlus has only confirmed that it would be powered by the Snapdragon 765G chipset, which guarantees 5G support. Thanks to the promotional videos and a flurry of leaks that preceded the marketing campaign, we are expecting a hole punch screen with two selfie cameras and a rear quad camera setup.

Source: Phonearena


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