Google’s short-form video app Tangi now inspires Android users

Google's short-form video app Tangi now inspires Android users
Pinterest is like an online bulletin board where original images and those taken off the internet are “pinned.” Users can follow certain “boards” and even use a Google Lens type of discovery process to find items to purchase. Even if you don’t think that Pinterest is an app that you would be interested in, it does have over 100 million installs on Android so we know that some are finding the app useful.

Back in January, Google introduced Tangi for the App Store. Similar to Pinterest, the app is supposed to inspire you and get your creative juices going. But instead of using a virtual bulletin board, Tangi uses short-form videos to teach you how to master certain skills. When we told you about the app at the beginning of the year, we said, “Google didn’t mention anything about a version of the app for Android although we would imagine that one will be available eventually.” Welcome to “eventually.”

The Android version of Tangi is available from the Google Play Store and if you’re as confused about what it does as you are about Pinterest, Google is happy to explain what the app does. “Ready for a dose of creative inspiration in a quick video? Tangi is a social video sharing app to inspire you to try new ideas. Take your artistic, DIY, cooking, and styling skills to the next level in under 60 seconds. Use “Try It” to share your take of the projects back to the community. Snackable creativity to craft, cook, create!” Earlier this year, Google said that one of its most recreated videos explains how users can make guacamole in the avocado shell.

If you’re still stuck indoors and have run out of things to do, let Tangi be your inspiration. You can find the Android version of the app at the Google Play Store and the iOS variant at the Apple App Store. The app is free and as the tag line says, “Learn new things every day.”

Source: Phonearena


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