Google’s first-gen Pixel Buds are on sale at a crazy low price

Google's first-gen Pixel Buds are on sale at a crazy low price

You may not remember this now, but while the Pixel Buds released a few months ago are Google’s first-ever true wireless earbuds, they’re actually not the first Pixel Buds. Instead, the search giant unveiled a pair of sleek Bluetooth wireless headphones with a cord to keep them together at all times under that exact same name around three years ago.

Unfortunately, the Gen 1 Pixel Buds were tragically overpriced, fetching a frankly ridiculous $160 many months after Apple released the original AirPods at the same MSRP. Naturally, that meant Google’s rookie wireless earbuds effort was doomed to obscurity right off the bat, especially after the in-depth reviews found the first-gen Pixel Buds to be lacking in the sound quality and comfort departments as well.

Although you can no longer buy these things directly from their manufacturers or major third-party retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, other vendors are still trying to clear lingering inventory, charging significantly lower than usual prices to pull that off. Woot, for instance, which just so happens to be owned by none other than Amazon, can currently hook you up with a brand-new pair of OG Pixel Buds in exchange for a measly $74.99.

Check out the deal here

Even better, Prime members are eligible for an additional automatic $5 discount at checkout, taking their total savings all the way up to 90 bucks, or 56 percent off the aforementioned list price. This is not one of those 24-hour-only affairs, mind you, running for seven more days at the time of this writing… or while supplies last, and since these are new, unused, unopened, and undamaged units you’re looking at here, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear you can also get a full 1-year manufacturer warranty.
In case you’re wondering, the ancient earbuds are still available from retailers like B&H Photo Video at considerably higher prices. In terms of their specs and features, you’ll probably find those quite appealing at $70 or $75, especially if you own a Pixel handset, which means you can take advantage of the exclusive real-time translation functionality.
Equipped with native Google Assistant integration and one-touch controls for music, phone calls, and volume adjustment, the Pixel Buds can keep your favorite tunes going for a solid five hours by themselves, while the included charging case will boost the overall battery life to around 24 hours of listening time. 

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