Google pushes out several fixes for eligible Pixel phones

Google pushes out several fixes for eligible Pixel phones
With calendars getting flipped over to October, the start of the new month means that the latest monthly Android/Pixel security update is rolling out as we type this. Google points out that the update includes some various bug fixes for the Pixel 2 series through the Pixel 4a. Keep in mind that the original Pixel and Pixel XL no longer support the monthly updates (or any other update, for that matter).

So besides the October Android Security patch, there are seven functional issues that the update exterminates. Models from the Pixel 3 series to the Pixel 4a should see an improvement in auto-rotation when the affected device is in certain orientations. Another fix to a sensor, this time on the Pixel 4a only, improves the phone’s auto-brightness response under certain lighting conditions. The Pixel 4a should also experience improved touch sensitivity while wearing a screen protector after the update is downloaded and installed.

A huge bug fix aimed at the Pixel 2 line through the Pixel 4a resolves an issue that caused these phones to experience boot looping. This occurs when the phone starts to boot up, can’t get to the next step in the process, and starts to boot up again. The device cannot be used and the battery drains to zero. Hopefully, the update, as advertised, resolves this issue. The same models will also receive a fix that ends the inadvertent disablement of call notifications and another fix for missing auto-rotate icons in certain device orientations. Once the update is installed in certain Pixel models from the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 4a, a problem that prevented the phones from reading an overview swipe gesture in the launcher will be repaired.
The Android Security Bulletin for October reveals patches that will fix vulnerabilities allowing a malicious app to gain access to additional permissions. Other patches are designed to stop a remote attacker from gaining access to additional permissions. Four vulnerabilities related to Qualcomm components and rated high in severity by the chip designer were patched and 18 more related to closed-source components from Qualcomm were also patched.  The latter vulnerabilities ranged in severity from critical to high.
To load the update on your Pixel, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

Source: Phonearena


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