Google could revolutionize texting by launching Smart Compose for Gboard

Google could revolutionize texting by launching Smart Compose for Gboard

Google introduced Smart Compose a couple of years ago to help people save time while writing emails in Gmail. The feature suggests words and phrases while you’re typing that you can either ignore or press tab on your keyboard (or swipe on Android) and have them added to your text automatically.

Considering the challenge of guessing what you’re about to write, the feature works surprisingly well and can often help you add as many as three or four words with a single button. It’s very easy to get used to and the only downside is that it might occasionally creep you out by guessing too accurately what you wanted to write.

Well, unsurprisingly, Google has apparently decided to spread the joy of Smart Compose even further than Gmail and Google Docs. 9to5Google picked up reports from people using Gboard’s latest beta version saying that Smart Compose suggestions are now showing up in apps outside of Google’s umbrella. Smart suggestions have been spotted in WhatsApp and Telegram messaging apps, meaning that the feature is now baked into Gboard itself.

This is great news since typing on a smartphone has always been more cumbersome than typing on a proper keyboard so anything that can speed up the process is quite welcomed. On top of that, once the feature goes live on a stable version, billions of people will have access to it. This will likely allow the algorithms behind Smart Compose to improve themselves significantly, making it even more useful.

If you’ve never used Smart Compose this might sound like trivial news, but it might easily turn out to be a major quality-of-life improvement for smartphone users all over the world.

Source: Phonearena


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