Google acknowledges Bluetooth problem with Pixel Buds 2; fix is coming via software updates

Google acknowledges Bluetooth problem with Pixel Buds 2; fix is coming via software updates
Google introduced its redesigned Pixel Buds 2 last October finally cutting the umbilical cord between the left and right buds. Google marketed the original Pixel Buds as wireless because they used Bluetooth to connect to a phone. But they were not truly wireless and even Google’s own employees were confused. At one pop-up Google Store in Manhattan back in 2017, a store representative told a consumer who had pre-ordered the original Pixel Buds to cut the cord that connects the left and right earbuds.

Earlier this year, Google launched the Pixel Buds 2, and at the beginning of this month we told you that several users on multiple platforms including Reddit and Google’s Help forum, were complaining that their in-ear device was suffering from connectivity issues. Certain movements by the user can cause one or both Pixel Buds to lose connectivity; cupping their hands over their ears caused some to experience the issue while others claim that they had the problem with the product right out of the box. Most complaints noted that the Pixel Buds 2 dropped out when they were being used outdoors, and when used with a Pixel or Samsung phone.

Today, Google’s support page for the Pixel Buds 2 (via 9to5Google) included a post from a Google employee saying that software updates are coming over the coming weeks to improve Bluetooth stability and connectivity. The Google employee, Chelsea W., wrote “I just wanted to let all of you know that we’ve heard you, and our team will be rolling out software updates in the coming weeks to improve Bluetooth stability and connectivity. Thank you for providing your feedback, both on this thread and in feedback reports. Our team has found it beyond helpful while investigating and working on improving these connectivity issues.”
The Googler went on to say that a separate update (Firmware: 296) is coming and will solve a different problem with the Pixel Buds 2. This update will decrease the hissing and static noise that some users have been hearing.
The upcoming software updates will decrease the annoying phone call cut-outs, improve the autorecovery feature when one or both buds go down, and improve media playback stability for handsets that come with software audio encoding. If there is one thing that Google is good at, it’s fixing software issues with updates; if you’ve ever owned a Pixel, you’ll understand. If you have the new Pixel Buds 2 and have been experiencing the connectivity problems, all you can do is sit back and await the arrival of the software updates, or ask Google for a refund. It has returned the purchase price of the Pixel Buds 2 ($179) for some owners.

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