Google accidentally shows off the Pixel 4a to the world

Take a look at the Google Pixel 4a, courtesy of Google itself. The official render went up on Google’s Canadian store page where an image of the Nest WiFi should have been. Technically we’ve already seen the Pixel 4a, but it’s nice to have the design confirmed once and for all.

The Pixel 4a has a single selfie camera embedded into the display, a single rear camera with a flash, capacitive fingerprint scanner and a headphone jack. The date on the phone’s screen – May 12 – seemingly confirms that Google was planning to unveil the Pixel 4a at its I/O conference, but decided to push the announcement back.

Google accidentally shows off the Pixel 4a to the world

The Pixel 4a has been getting certifications left and right these past few weeks, which would signify that it’s on its way to being official very soon. However some rumors point to a fall launch, namely October. We’ll keep you posted!

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Source: Gsmarena


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