Galaxy Note20+ and Note20 cases show their relative sizes

We’ve seen pictures of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20+ before, but this latest pic (posted by known leakster Ice Universe) is shot from a great angle as it gives a clear indication of the relative sizes of the two models.

Also, of their camera bumps – the one on the Note20+ is clearly larger, supporting the rumors that it will use S20 Ultra’s camera (or an improved version of that). This includes the 108 MP sensor, though the periscope cam will go up to “only” 50x digital zoom.

Size comparison: Galaxy Note20+ vs. Note20 cases

Size comparison: Galaxy Note20+ vs. Note20 cases

The vanilla Galaxy Note20 will likely use the S20/S20+ camera with a 12 MP main sensor and a 64 MP sensor for zooming and 8K video, plus a 16 MP ultra wide module. This won’t be the only difference between the vanilla and plus models, the vanilla will have a flat 1080p+ screen with 60Hz refresh rate while the Note20+ will use a curved 1440p+ display with 120Hz refresh rate.

Also, here are two different screen protectors for the Galaxy Note20+, which is said to have thinner bezels than the Galaxy Note10+ (and presumably thinner than the Note20 bezel as well).

Galaxy Note20+ screen protectors

Galaxy Note20+screen protectors

IceUniverse has more news about Samsung’s flagship series. The Galaxy Note20+ (or perhaps Note20 Ultra) will reportedly have a Copper color option, which will have a slight pinkish tint to it. More importantly, the glass back will be frosted (which implies the other colors will have a glossy finish like the current models).

By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 recently leaked in a “Bronze” color, the Note will likely have the same hue.

Source: Gsmarena


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