Galaxy M51 to skimp on Samsung-made display for a lower price

Galaxy M51 to skimp on Samsung-made display for a lower price
Samsung might be one of the best display makers out there but its products aren’t the most affordable and that’s why the company has supposedly decided against using an in-house screen for the budget Galaxy M51.
In recent times, the company has increased its focus on the midtier A series and mass-market Galaxy M lineup. Both have apparently helped the company boost its sales at a time when its flagships are supposedly falling short of expectations.
The Galaxy M51 is expected to be the most powerful M series device to date and will likely carry the Snapdragon 730 chip which will be paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of native memory. The phone is tipped to come with a Super AMOLED panel with an embedded fingerprint scanner and a 64MP main rear shooter. 

Galaxy M51 to capitalize on Galaxy A51’s popularity 

According to one report, the Galaxy M51 will be an affordable version of the Galaxy A51, which has already proven to be quite popular.
The rumored specs are quite impressive for a budget phone and it looks like Samsung is keen not to erode the price advantage by using pricier components such as its own screen
Supply chain insider Ross Young claims that the screen will instead be procured from China Star OLED. This will be the first Galaxy smartphone with an OLED screen to not have Samsung’s own display.

Previously, China Star OLED was seemingly facing some technical issues, because of which the Galaxy M41 was scrapped altogether. 
Display shipments are slated to begin in July and the phone will likely be launched in September in India. No word on the European launch yet, but we will likely hear about it later. The handset will supposedly make it to other Asian countries as well.

Source: Phonearena


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