Fossil resumes Gen 5 Wear OS update after addressing Google Pay bug

Fossil resumes Gen 5 Wear OS update after addressing Google Pay bug

As some of you may already know, Fossil pushed out an important Wear OS update for its Gen 5 smartwatches. Unfortunately, the update included a Google Pay bug that wasn’t identified until it made it to about 30% of global users.

The update was released one week ago and was paused over the weekend so that Fossil could address the issue. If you’re using a Gen 5 smartwatch, you’ll be happy to know that Fossil has just resumed the roll-out of the update and that the Google Pay bug has been fixed (via 9to5google).

Keep in mind that the update will be delivered in waves, which means all Gen 5 owners are expected to receive the Wear OS update until August 31 at the latest, assuming no other issues are discovered during the rollout.

If you haven’t read our previous report, Fossil’s Wear OS update brings some important new features to Gen 5 smartwatches, including optimized activity tracker, sleeping tracking, cardio fitness tracking, and phone app updates.

Source: Phonearena


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