Fossil Gen 5 Garret powered by Wear OS is heavily discounted on Amazon

Fossil Gen 5 Garret powered by Wear OS is heavily discounted on Amazon

Fossil’s most recent smartwatch powered by Wear OS, Gen 5 is now on sale on Amazon. We’re talking specifically about Fossil Gen 5 Garret, a smartwatch designed for men that looks classy and sophisticated at the same time.

Although the smartwatch comes in many color variations, you will want either the blue or gold versions since these are heavily discounted on Amazon. The other models are on sale as well, but you wouldn’t get the best deal available right now.

Basically, you can save 40% ($115) if you buy the Fossil Gen 5 Garrett from Amazon, a least at the time of the writing. Since the US retailer often changes prices depending on stocks, it’s hard to predict how much it will cost the Fossil Gen 5 Garret in about an hour from now.

Fossil Gen 5 Garrett is fully compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, and it’s powered by Google’s Wear OS. It comes with built-in GPS, heart rate and activity tracking, as well as Google Assistant and Google Pay support. Not to mention that it features a swim-proof design and lets you take calls directly from your wrist.

Source: Phonearena


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