Fitbit Charge 4 major update adds Dynamic GPS, Smart Wake alarms

Fitbit Charge 4 major update adds Dynamic GPS, Smart Wake alarms

If you’ve bought yourself Fitbit’s most recent fitness tracker, the Charge 4, you’re now eligible for an update that will add a lot of important features that were lacking from the original software. First and foremost, the update brings a couple of GPS updates, but there are other major improvements included too (via 9to5google).

The most important addition to the software is a new feature called Dynamic GPS mode. It will let the Fitbit Charge 4 to use your phone’s GPS (if it’s near) to capture data like your route, pace, and other important data. You can manually enable this mode if you want to save some battery on the Fitbit Charge 4, but that means your phone’s battery will deplete slightly faster.

As the title says, Fitbit added Smart Wake alarms. It will allow users to set alarms based on the sleep stages so that the fitness tracker will wake you up at the optimal time. Also, there’s another option included in the update that lets you adjust how long the Fitbit Charge 4’s display will remain on. The new feature is called Screen Time Out and can be found in the display settings.

The new software version 1.96.29 is rolling out now to Fitbit Charge 4 wearables across the globe, but it may take a few days to arrive on all fitness trackers.

Source: Phonearena


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