Cheaper AirPods Max with plastic build in the works

Just before 2020’s end, Apple released its long-anticipated AirPods Max premium headphones with a staggering price tag of $549. But according to a renown Apple tipster, the company will try to deliver the same sound quality to a wider audience with a cheaper AirPods Max version of lesser build quality.

Cheaper AirPods Max with plastic build incoming

Reportedly, the upcoming pair will cost $349 but will compromise mostly with its materials. Instead of employing aluminum and stainless steel, the more affordable headset will be made of plastic. As a side effect the new version might also be lighter as the AirPods Max are among the heaviest headphones on the market.

Sadly, the leakster didn’t give any specific time frame for its launch but he is certain that such pair is in the works. We just hope that most, if not all, of the premium AirPods Max features will make it to the cheaper iteration.

Source: Gsmarena


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