Best Samsung Galaxy S20 alternatives

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 alternatives

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20, features a stunning 6.2-inch display, smallest in the S20 series, along with an impressive camera with 30X zoom capabilities. It also supports 5G connectivity and has a well-sized 4,000mAh battery, good for about 12 hours of internet browsing or 10 and a half hours of watching YouTube on a single charge. If you’re looking for good alternatives to this smartphone, however, here are the best options out there.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 alternatives, a summarized list:

  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • OnePlus 7T
  • LG G8X ThinQ
  • OnePlus 7T Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Apple iPhone 11

Snappy performance, a versatile camera, loud speakers and fast, reliable Face ID make the iPhone 11 a good Samsung Galaxy S20 alternative. It’s also more affordable than the S20, and many may prefer a phone that runs iOS over Android.

The iPhone 11 sports a similarly sized 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display, though not as impressive as the one found on the S20 in terms of colors, contrast and resolution. However, with the A13 bionic chip, the phone is quite the powerhouse, making for a smooth and snappy overall experience.

As for its camera, in our review of the iPhone 11 we found the results from it consistent and detailed. Colors come out realistic, without overemphasis on vibrance. It delivers great portrait photos too, and has an ultra-wide angle camera for capturing more, when needed. Its battery life is good enough for a full day and then some.

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Google Pixel 4 XL

Featuring a similarly-sized screen at 6.3 inches, with excellent colors, blazingly fast face unlock instead of a conventional fingerprint sensor, a decent performance and an incredibly capable camera, the Google Pixel 4 XL makes for a solid Galaxy S20 alternative.

With its camera and software being among its strongest points, the Pixel 4 XL does indeed impress with image quality and camera options. In our review, although the lack of a wide-angle lens was disappointing, we found the Pixel 4 XL’s Super Res Zoom capabilities, Night Sight and Portrait Mode all impressive. When it comes to battery life, even with its fairly small 3,700mAh battery, in our internet browsing test the Pixel 4 XL lasted 10 hours and 46 minutes on a single charge, while in our YouTube playback test, it lasted 7 hours and 17 minutes.

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OnePlus 7T

The OnePlus 7T boasts a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen, which, similarly to the one on the Galaxy S20, impresses with rich and vivid colors. For security, it features an optical fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen, which wasn’t as reliable as a traditional fingerprint sensor in our usage, however. Its camera capabilities are good, but nowhere near impressive, with colors occasionally appearing bleak or leaning towards unnatural pinkish tones.

On the upside, the OnePlus 7T sports a powerful Snapdragon 855+ processor, delivering arguably the most impressive performance for its price range. As for battery life, in our testing the phone lasted nearly 10 hours of internet browsing on a single charge. It also went for 8 hours and 45 minutes on a single charge during our continuous video playback test.

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LG G8X ThinQ

With a 6.4-inch OLED screen and offering high versatility, thanks to dedicated accessories such as the LG DualScreen case, which adds a second display for better multi-tasking, the LG G8X makes a great Galaxy S20 alternative for those who want more than a conventional phone. Its camera delivers good photos, though contract and saturation may be a bit too aggressive at times. Unlike the previously-mentioned phones, however, it lags behind in nighttime photography.

A strong positive we noticed about the LG G8X is the quality of its dual speakers. They’re loud and balanced, with even some bass present, although the aforementioned iPhone 11 does sound a bit better. Unlike the previous phones on this list, the LG G8X also features a headphone jack.

In our review of this phone, we found the performance to be unimpressive, however. The occasional choppiness was surprising, considering the LG G8X packs a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM. As for battery life – it’s really good. The LG G8X lasted an impressive 13 hours and 13 minutes on a single charge in our real-life usage test.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S20+ alternatives

The Galaxy S20+ features a larger display than the S20, at 6.7 inches, along with a bigger 4,500mAh battery. If looking for something a bit different, however, in addition to the previously-mentioned phones, the following options would make great Samsung Galaxy S20+ alternatives also.

OnePlus 7T Pro

Packing a beautiful same-size AMOLED display as the S20+ and no bezels or punch-hole cameras, the 7T Pro instead has a motorized pop-up selfie camera. It also has a reliably fast in-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock support. Its performance proved to be crazy fast in our usage, with no lags or hiccups.

The OnePlus 7T Pro also has a variety of cameras on board, including a 3x telephoto and an ultra wide-angle one, in addition to its fairly uncommon aforementioned pop-up selfie camera. Picture quality from the 7T Pro is impressive, with balanced exposure, true-to-life colors and just the right amount of sharpening. The 4,085mAh battery inside had the phone going for 10 hours in our continuous web browsing test, on a single charge.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Although more expensive and boasting a smaller screen, at 5.8 inches, the iPhone 11 Pro delivers a well-rounded flagship experience. In addition to the fact that it’s running iOS instead of Android, and features an improved Face ID from the previous generation, the iPhone 11 Pro delivers great photos from its three back cameras and front selfie camera. It also has impressive video recording capabilities, making it the better option for those who prefer filming over taking photos.

A notable plus, especially for those who value a good audio experience on their phones is the Pro’s “spatial audio” Surround Sound, which fills a larger space and gives more volume. Unlike the Galaxy phones, the iPhone 11 Pro is also able to deliver deep sound with a hint of bass to it. As for performance – the 11 Pro packs the fastest chip you could get in late 2019, beating even the Snapdragon 855 by a sizable margin. Battery life is great too, although weaker than on the iPhone 11, at about 11 hours of real-life usage, on a single charge.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra alternatives

The Galaxy S20 Ultra offers the most in the S20 line, with a highly impressive 108MP main camera, 100X Space Zoom, a giant 6.9-inch screen and a 5,000mAh battery. Great Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra alternatives include the following phones:

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a beautiful and sharp 6.5-inch display, and a 12MP main camera. Although that megapixel count doesn’t sound as impressive as 108MP, image quality is still fantastic, while video recording is among the best you can get from a smartphone.

It packs the most powerful processor one could get on a late 2019 phone, so performance is snappy and smooth. Battery life is so good, that it could easily last you two days of moderate usage. In our continuous general usage test, it lasted 12 hours and 25 minutes on a single charge.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line flagship that has every feature imaginable on board, the Galaxy Note 10+ would make a perfect Galaxy S20 Ultra alternative for you. It notably comes with a built-in S Pen, a stylus that adds much more to its usability than any other smartphone.

Featuring a huge 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with a fingerprint scanner built into it, along with the optional Face Unlock, the Galaxy Note 10+ is a power user’s dream flagship phone. Its camera is excellent too, with photos coming out detailed, if not a bit too saturated and punchy, but always beautiful in our testing. Performance is also top notch, among the best on a Samsung phone. Battery life from the 4,300mAh battery on board is good too, with the phone lasting 8 hours and 21 minutes of continuous real-life usage, in our tests.

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