Best Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors

Best Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors

The Pixel 4a kinda stole the thunder from its bigger sibling, offering a great value and following in the footsteps of the Pixel 3a. But then Google mixed things up even more with the Pixel 4a 5G model. It has a 6.2-inch OLED display, Snapdragon 765G chipset, 6GB RAM with 128GB storage, and 3885mAh battery, making it larger in size than the Pixel 5. You can clear any confusion by using our comparison tool. Meanwhile, our review of the Pixel 4a is already online, so you can check its midrange magic too. The Google Pixel 4a 5G is shaping up to be even more popular than its non-5G sibling, as it’s a different phone altogether, so stay tuned for our imminent review.

Google Pixel 4a 5G specs and price summary

  • $499 price tag ($599 for the Verizon exclusive mmWave version), October 19 release date
  • 6.2″ HDR OLED display
  • Snapdragon 765G
  • 6GB RAM, 128GB storage
  • 12.2MP+16MP camera
  • 3885mAh battery
Now, you can get yourself ready for the official October 19 release by picking the right protective gear for your new Pixel 4a 5G. To help you with this challenging task, we’ve made a list of best Google Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors. You can also check our Best Google Pixel 4a 5G cases article if you still wonder what case to get. But now it’s screen protection time and before we get to the list there’s an important question that needs to be answered. 

Do Pixel 4a screen protectors fit the 4a 5G?

The short answer is: no. Well, the long one is also “no”, because the two devices sport different display sizes. The Pixel 4a has a 5.8-inch OLED display while the 4a 5G sports a large 6.2-inch one. So, be extra careful when you shop for accessories, as you can easily miss the 5G in the title and end up with an unusable case or screen protector. This won’t happen in our list, though. Here we go:

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Best Google Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors

  • Glass Elite VisionGuard+ by ZAGG
  • InvisibleShield Glass+ by ZAGG
  • Amplify Glass Antimicrobial Screen Protector by OtterBox
  • Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • UniqueMe Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4a 5G
  • EGV Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4a 5G

Glass Elite VisionGuard+ by ZAGG

If you want the absolute best for your Pixel 4a 5G, you need the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Pixel 4a 5G screen protector by ZAGG. It uses ion exchange tempered aluminosilicate glass to offer maximum durability and scratch-resistance. ZAGG uses its Kastus anti-microbial technology that kills up to 95% of human coronavirus and up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria on your screen, and it’s a welcomed feature in the current health situation. The VisionGuard technology employs a special Eyesafe layer that filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light from your phone’s screen, and there’s also an installation tray in the retail box, so you won’t have any issues slapping this protector on your Pixel 4a 5G. It will fit perfectly. All this technology comes at a price, though. 
Buy the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ for Pixel 4a 5G for $49.99

InvisibleShield Glass+ by ZAGG

If you’re not ready to cough up $50 for a screen protector but still need a solid option, there’s another model that ZAGG offers. InvisibleShield Glass+ screen protection is made with Ion Matrix technology that strengthens the glass at the molecular level for 3X the shatter protection of an unprotected screen. Glass+ has 100% high definition clarity and long-lasting, oil-resistant finish to help keep your Google Pixel 4a 5G screen looking pristine. This Pixel 4a 5G screen protector will get the job done and for half the price. 
Buy the InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4a 5G at BestBuy for $24.99

Amplify Glass Antimicrobial Screen Protector by OtterBox

OtterBox offers another high-end antimicrobial option that will keep your Pixel 4a 5G device safe. The Amplify Glass with Antimicrobial Technology from OtterBox is co-developed with Corning for superior scratch resistance and continuous antimicrobial technology. It is also the first EPA-registered antimicrobial glass that defends your phone screen against unwanted microbes. The antimicrobial agent used on the surface lasts the lifetime of the screen protector itself. Everything is included for simple installation but you have to be prepared for the premium price of this Pixel 4a 5G screen protector. 
Buy the Amplify Glass Antimicrobial Screen Protector by OtterBox for $49.95

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Moving to more affordable Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors we find this great option from Spigen. It comes rated at 9H hardness and is compatible with every Spigen Pixel 4a 5G case too. The AlignMaster frame that’s included in the package guarantees a trouble-free installation, and there’s also oleophobic coating to help with those smudges. The screen protector offers crystal-clear view all throughout the screen. and you get two glass plates in the box at a great price.

UniqueMe Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4a 5G

UniqueMe offers everything you need in a screen protector – 0.03mm thickness, 99.99% transparency, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. It is also highly responsive, and touch-sensitive to ensure fast response and impeccable performance.This Pixel 4a 5G screen protector pack features two glass sheets for the screen and as an added bonus you also get two tempered glass protectors for your camera on the back. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

EGV Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4a 5G

There’s another affordable solution and it comes from EGV. The EGV tempered glass Pixel 4a 5G protector offers a 9H hardness, a fingerprint resistant coating, and there’s a special alignment tool for easy installation too. The pack includes three tempered glass scratch-resistant and shatterproof sheets for your Pixel 4a 5G but bear in mind that they are designed to be smaller than the actual screen for case compatibility and durability. 

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