AT&T TV silently raises prices, removes HBO Max from cheapest plan

AT&T TV silently raises prices, removes HBO Max from cheapest plan

While YouTube TV’s recent price hike didn’t go unnoticed, AT&T TV’s similar move might have gone under the radar. Luckily, the folks at Droid-life found out that AT&T quietly increased the prices of its streaming TV service by $10 across all tiers.

That means that the Entertainment Package that was available for $50 per month, now costs $60. What’s worse is that AT&T has removed HBO Max from this particular package, so its value is now even lower.

The Choice Package and XTRA Package continue to have HBO Max included, but they now cost $65 and $75 per month, $10 more than last month. We’re not sure when these prices will start affecting existing customers, but this is how much new customers must pay for AT&T TV.

Also, AT&T requires new customers to sign up for 2-year contracts and is charging $20 activation fees, as well as $15/month termination fees where it applies. AT&T has yet to issue an official statement on the price hike, but the new plans are already listed on the carrier’s page.

Source: Phonearena


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