Asus’ next-generation Zenfone flagships tipped to boast flip cameras

Asus' next-generation Zenfone flagships tipped to boast flip cameras

Asus made headlines these past couples of weeks with its upcoming gaming phone, the ROG Phone 3, which has been recently confirmed to pack Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. But the company has a few other interesting devices in the pipeline.

A new report coming from Asia claims Asus will start talking about the Zenfone 7 series soon after the launch of the ROG Phone 3, which is scheduled for July 22. Rumor has it that Asus will launch at least two models: Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro.

One of the traits that these flagships will have in common is the flip camera. Asus will use the same formula it introduced with the Zenfone 6 series and will include swiveling cameras to its next-generation flagships but will further improve them through additional lenses.

The Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro will be available in black and white, but additional colors might be announced later on. Also, they will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor and should be priced slightly lower than the Asus ROG Phone 3.

Source: Phonearena


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