Aspiring Galaxy Z Fold 2 competitor will be unveiled on September 21

Aspiring Galaxy Z Fold 2 competitor will be unveiled on September 21
We know Samsung’s foldable phones have all the limelight these days, but let’s remind ourselves that the South Korean giant wasn’t the first company to launch a bendable phone. Instead, it was a relatively lesser-known company Royole. Unsurprisingly, the Royole FlexPai didn’t make much of a mark but that hasn’t stopped the manufacturer from working on a sequel, which is launching in a few days.
The interesting thing to note is that Royole got the engineering part right. The FlexPai lacked in the display and software department, and the company had earlier teased improvements that would be coming to its successor. The FlexPai 2 will inherit its predecessor’s 7.8-inch display but it will have a better bend radius and a new custom chip driver which will boost brightness, color gamut, contrast, and viewing angle. 
The new phone will also come with a mechanically robust and wear-proof hinge, and it will be thinner and lighter than the first-gen device. Per the company, the fold area of the new device is less prone to creasing.
Display industry veteran Ross Young says the FlexPai 2 will be a massive improvement over the original device. He stopped short of revealing any concrete details.

Royole had earlier said that the device would feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.0 storage. If rumors are to go by, it will get a 4,050mAh battery and a quad-camera array with a 64MP primary sensor, and a 32MP selfie shooter. 
The FlexPai 2 will be announced on September 21 and that’s when we will find out more about the device.

Source: Phonearena


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