Apple Watch sleep tracking is here! This is how it works

Apple Watch sleep tracking is here! This is how it works

Apple is now rolling out a watchOS 7 beta software update for the Apple Watch Series 5, 4 and 3, that finally introduces sleep tracking functionality. Although the public watchOS 7 version will be made officially available in fall, anyone can use our tutorial on how to install the watchOS 7 beta right now.

Stay tuned for our impressions with the Apple Watch sleep tracking and the results it gives in the coming days.

So how does the new Apple Watch Sleep tracking app look like and how does it work? Let’s explore.

As soon as watchOS 7 is installed on your Apple Watch, a new Sleep app icon (shown in the first image below) will appear on your smartwatch homescreen. The same Sleep app will also appear on the Apple Watch iPhone app. Opening the Sleep app on your Apple Watch will first take you through an introductory screen, which explains that Sleep can be used to schedule a wake-up alarm, bedtime and even a bedtime reminder.

Afterwards, the initial set up process begins by setting up a sleeping time goal, which by default starts at the commonly recommended 8 hours. It’s widely believed that most healthy adults need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep in order to feel well rested in the morning.

The Apple Watch Sleep tracking app will then let you know that it can inform you each morning whether you’ve had enough sleep or not, which you can skip.

Afterwards, you’ll be asked to select the time you normally wake up and the time when you should be going to sleep, for your Sleep schedule. Your Apple Watch can also use haptics and sound to wake you up in the morning, based on those settings, if you’re wearing it during sleep.

After finishing this part of the Sleep tracking set up process, you’ll be informed that the Apple Watch will track whether you’re asleep or not via the motions of your arm. If you’ve taken off your watch, Sleep Mode will turn off so it won’t wake you up in the morning.

Next, the Sleep app will introduce Wind Down, which will attempt to help you have a relaxing and distraction-free time before sleep. However this can be skipped, as it turns on Do Not Disturb, which not everyone may like. Of course, with Sleep mode also come charging reminders, to make sure you’ve topped up the battery charge of your Apple Watch enough to last you through the night.

And with that, you have sleep tracking enabled on your Apple Watch. Below are also screenshots of the new Sleep icon on the Apple Watch iPhone app, and it’s only screen.

Currently, from your iPhone (running the iOS 14 beta) you can choose whether or not Sleep mode activates automatically and whether the date and time are shown when it’s active. Additionally, you can disable or enable your sleep to be tracked and recorded into the Health app, and finally, you can turn off charging reminders for the Apple Watch.

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