Apple says that adding this device to the iPhone results in powerful capabilities

Apple says that adding this device to the iPhone results in powerful capabilities

Apple has debuted a new marketing campaign that already started with a new page on its website. Instead of just marketing one of the two popular devices, Apple writes, “Add them together. Multiply their power.” That’s right. If the iPhone and the Apple Watch are powerful individually, imagine what they must be like when you put them together. Apple already has envisioned this for you.

Apple says that 1+1 equals more than 2 when combining an iPhone and an Apple Watch

The website says, “Get directions on iPhone and a tap on your wrist when you need to turn. Check your heart rate on Apple Watch and track it over the last hour, day, month, or year on iPhone. When you put the two of them together, they add up to so much more.” So what Apple is trying to convey here is that together the iPhone and Apple Watch together are greater than the sum of their parts.

On the website, Apple gives examples of how iPhone users can turn to the Apple Watch to answer calls, how those calls can be switched to the iPhone, and even turned into a FaceTime video call. And you can even reply to a text message using your Apple Watch faster than the time it takes to grab your iPhone out of your pocket and respond to it. As Apple says, “There are so many ways to reply with Apple Watch — send a quick Tapback, a preset reply, your favorite emoji, or even a Scribble. You can also dictate exactly what you want to say.”

With the camera app on the Apple Watch, you can remotely zoom in and zoom out with the camera on the iPhone and even frame a shot using the timepiece’s digital crown. The Apple Watch will even allow you to turn on or off the flash, HDR, and Live Photos on your iPhone camera. Heck, you can even use the Apple Watch to switch between the rear cameras and the front-facing FaceTime snapper. Your favorite iPhone photo can be used as a watch face for your Apple Watch. By setting up an album, your Apple Watch can show a different picture every time you lift your wrist. And with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, you can play your favorite songs and listen to live streaming radio on the cellular version of the Apple Watch. It’s as easy as asking Siri to play a certain title by a specific artist. The watch can also be used as a remote; lifting it will allow you to shuffle your playlist, turn the volume to full blast, and more.
Apple Pay is another feature where having an iPhone and an Apple Watch can come in handy. Apple notes that if you’re checking out at a store (which most of us are doing online these days, though) and your handset is buried in a purse or a backpack, the Apple Watch can make the purchase for you and even verify your identity.
Did you ever use Apple Maps and miss a turn because you were daydreaming? If you have both an Apple Watch and an iPhone, when you are getting directions from the Maps app on your handset, your watch will have them too. And the timepiece will even “tap you” on the wrist to remind you when you need to make a turn. It’s like driving with your mother all over again!
For those iPhone users who are constantly misplacing their device, owning an Apple Watch would make life easier according to Apple. Tapping the iPhone icon on the timepiece will force a sound out of your handset; follow the sound until your iPhone is safely back in your hands. And if you touch and hold the iPhone icon on the Apple Watch, your wayward iPhone will flash a light almost like a beacon leading you to the device. If you leave your Apple Watch somewhere, perhaps you removed it when you went out to eat at Denny’s, you can have your iPhone display a map to lead you to the device. You can also write a message on the watch’s screen asking the person who finds it to give you a call.
Apple could decide to make a full-fledged advertising campaign out of this, especially with Father’s Day less than two weeks away. By promoting both products at the same time for the holiday, Apple might be able to convince children to get their dad an iPhone or an Apple Watch for Father’s Day.

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