Apple offers special version of the AirPods Pro available only in certain markets

Apple offers special version of the AirPods Pro available only in certain markets
According to 9to5Mac, Apple has released a limited edition version of its popular AirPods Pro wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The special variant is being released in certain Asian markets including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is going to be the Year of the Ox leading Apple to come up with a new emoji (more on that below). Pricing of the limited edition is exactly the same as your regular every day version of the device.

For example, in China the price is 1,999 Chinese Yuan ($309.62 USD). In Hong Kong, the limited edition is tagged at 1,999 HK dollars ($257.83 USD). There is a special box with a small cow emoji popping out of the head of a classic cow emoji with stars at the top of the image. That same design is found on the carrying case for the limited edition AirPods Pro. The latter also shares the same features as the regular AirPods Pro including the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that keeps ambient noise from being heard by the wearer. But there are times when the user needs to hear that traffic barreling down at him while walking the city streets. For moments like those when hearing what is going on around the wearer is important, Transparency mode will bring the sounds of the surrounding world back to the user.

The limited edition AirPods Pro is available from Apple Stores located in the aforementioned markets, or from Buyers are limited to the purchase of two units per order. The Limited Edition AirPods Pro are shipping immediately.

Source: Phonearena


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