Amazon workers stole half a million dollars worth of iPhones

Amazon workers stole half a million dollars worth of iPhones

Apple’s brand new iPhone 12 series are among the most desirable smartphones on the market right now, as is often the case with new iPhones. And while many of us may be interested in purchasing one, some are looking for ways to scam buyers and profit from them, especially while the hype around the shiny new iPhones is at its peak.

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As reported today by Spanish tech site iPadizate (via AppleInsider), five Amazon employees were arrested for stealing 500,000 EUR (about $591,155) worth of iPhones from a logistics center in Madrid. During the arrest, the suspects had ten iPhones on them, along with a large amount of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers, which they appeared to have ripped off from phone retail boxes, in an effort to make police investigations more difficult.

Amazon uncovered the lawbreakers by launching an internal investigation, after it was noticed that certain iPhone boxes didn’t weigh as much as they should. The company then utilized hidden cameras, to find that the suspects did indeed replace the phones with other items in the box.

Three of the suspects were promptly arrested after leaving work, the fourth one during work hours, while the fifth accomplice went to the police voluntarily. All five have been fired from their positions at Amazon and are currently awaiting trial. Amazon’s internal investigation is still in effect.

In related news, Amazon recently launched a video-sharing platform for mobile Android gamers named GameOn. The platform, which also has an Android app, allows gamers to record and share gameplay videos, along with simultaneously recording “Facecam” of their reactions to the on-screen action.

Perhaps more interestingly, Amazon’s Black Friday deals are now in effect, offering significant discounts on popular smartphones, smartwatches, headphones and more products by the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, and yes, even Apple.

Source: Phonearena


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