Amazon has a bunch of Apple Watch Series 6 models on sale at surprisingly decent discounts

Amazon has a bunch of Apple Watch Series 6 models on sale at surprisingly decent discounts

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 the most revolutionary product in the relatively short but tumultuous history of the smartwatch industry? Definitely not. Has the Cupertino-based tech giant done enough to make the world forget about the similarly iterative and refined Series 5 collection of 2019 to once again sell objectively the best, most feature-packed, and well-balanced wearable device out there? Arguably yes.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes pretty close to snatching the heavyweight title away from Apple’s latest high-end smartwatch, at least on paper, so we shouldn’t be too surprised to see Amazon slash the prices of multiple Series 6 models.

Incredibly enough, this is already the second time the Apple Watch Series 6 lineup can be purchased at a nice discount in the space of less than a month. And while there are fewer price cuts to be had this time around, some of them are significantly higher than what Amazon offered shortly after this bad boy’s commercial debut back in September.
For instance, everyone is looking at shaving a cool 30 bucks off the $430 regular price of the 44mm iPhone-compatible timepiece in red and space gray color options. By everyone, of course, we mean that you don’t need to be a Prime subscriber or jump through any other hoops to score that discount.
The same goes for Amazon’s newest 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 deals, which currently allow anyone to save around $25 on the smaller smartwatch in your choice of red, silver, and space gray case hues paired with red, white, and black sport bands respectively. 
A few of these essentially unbeatable special offers, mind you, include savings that will automatically show up in your cart during the checkout process, so you might not want to panic if the price initially looks a little different from what you expect.
As far as the actual device goes, we’re pretty sure the external appearance looks familiar to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock since 2015, while the internals are upgraded to feature a 20 percent faster processor than the S5 screamer powering last year’s model, as well as an all-new blood oxygen sensor. The already gorgeous Retina display is considerably brighter than ever before, while watchOS 7 finally makes sleep tracking possible. At the end of the day, you’re probably looking at the best all-around smartwatch here available for its lowest ever prices.

Source: Phonearena


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