Amazon deal can save you approximately 40% off of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Amazon deal can save you approximately 40% off of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is the manufacturer’s latest true wireless earbuds. The previous version of the device, the Galaxy Buds+, is more traditional in design than the bean-shaped current model. The newer model offers Active Noise Cancellation while the Buds+ use the earbuds’ rubber tips to reduce annoying background noise. If you feel that you can get away with the latter, Amazon is offering the Cosmic Black Galaxy Buds+ on sale for $91.18. This is the International Version of the accessory and includes a wireless charging case. With the sale, the Galaxy Buds+ are priced at approximately $60 or 40% off of the usual retail price.

Ambient Aware2 is the feature on the Buds+ that allows some background noise through including flight announcements, traffic flying by your car, or your order number at your favorite fast food restaurant. So Samsung figured out how to allow users to hear important noises. Could the manufacturer figure out a way for your voice to be heard loud and clear while using the Galaxy Buds+? By using a dedicated internal and two external microphones, your voice is separated from outside noises. Thus, even in loud, noisy areas, your voice is easily heard and understood on phone calls.

With the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, you’ll be able to hear up to 11 hours of non-stop music on a single charge. Use the wireless charging case to charge the Buds+ and you’ll have up to another 11 hours to listen to your playlists or use the true wireless earbuds any way you want to before the batteries conk out for good. And if you’re in a rush, 3 minutes of charging will provide users with an hour of power.
Other colors are available at varying prices. The Galaxy Buds+ in Blue are $96 while the White model is $90. The in-ear wearable is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Hey, it will soon be October. This would make a great holiday present for someone you know.

Source: Phonearena


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